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Grades 4-6

Ben's Dream

Landmark Links

Multiple Resources Worksheet

Scavenger Hunt

Super Sleuth

  Research Skills For All Ages

Graphic Organizer for Landmarks of the World

Student Name______________________________________
Team Member's Name_______________________________
Landmark #_______________________________________

1. Proper name of landmark:

2. Specific location of landmark:

3. Significance of landmark:

4. Interesting fact(s):

5. List your sources:
 Call # Author Title Page # Source Type Information found
 ref 910.hul Mortimer G. Huligan Wonders of the World  pg. 100-102 Reference book Liberty Enlightening the World is the proper name

6. The most useful source I found was (explain):

Ben's Dream
Scavenger Hunt
Super Sleuth
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Leslie M. Klish