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Grades 4-6

Ben's Dream

Scavenger Hunt

Super Sleuth


 Research Skills For All Ages

Ben's Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

Ben's Dream is a fabulous book to help students learn research
skills. The book pictures ten landmarks from around the world
without identifying the names of the landmarks. The book lends
itself well to many research activities.

Visit some of these landmark sites to show your students some of
the wonders of the world.

Links to Ben's Dream Wonders of the World

Big Ben : This site includes some nice pictures of The Clock Tower.
The Statue of Liberty: View this site for information.
The Parthenon: This site has a great picture of the Parthenon.
The Taj Mahal: Visit this site for interesting information.
The Great Sphinx: This site has some awesome pictures and a great deal of information.
The Eiffel Tower: Check it out for information and a picture.
The Cathedral of Saint Basil: See Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
The Great Wall of China: A good picture of the Great Wall with interesting information.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial: A photo of Mount
Rushmore and some information.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Cool site!

Ben's Dream
Grades 4-6

Leslie M. Klish