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Grades 4-6

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 Research Skills For All Ages

Using Multiple Resources in the Library Media Center

Student Name__________________________________
Team Member's Name___________________________
Landmark # ___________________________________

1. Use all three pieces of Search Plus: see worksheet How to Locate Landmarks of the World

a. Use Subject Search
b. Use Series Search
c. Use Keyword Search

    Be sure to locate and read every source listed in your three searches.
    Some books may look very easy to you. They will have information
    that is useful and different from all your other sources. Remember that
    you cannot judge a book by its cover!

    2. You will be using multiple resources for completing your worksheets
    for the two landmarks that you have drawn to research. Be sure to
    include all of the following sources for your research:

    a. Books from the general collection of non-fiction
    b. Books from the reference collection
    c. Magazine article using the print guide Children's Magazine Guide
    d. Magazine article using the Primary Search on CD
    e. Print encyclopedia: World Book Encyclopedia
    f. Encyclopedia on CD: Encarta, Groliers, World Book
    g. Internet

    3. Steps to use Encarta on CD:

    a. Take a tour
    b. Places to visit
    c. Landmarks

    4. Your worksheet is a rough draft. You will highlight only the important information that you want to include in your final presentation.

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    Leslie M. Klish