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Grades 4-6

Scavenger Hunt

Super Sleuth

Ben's Dream landmark links

Research Skills For All Ages

Ben's Dream by Chris Van Allsburg


Ben's Dream is a book that can help teach research skills to elementary grade students.

Students will demonstrate efficient use of Library Media Center
research tools

Lesson Plan:
Read Ben's Dream by Chris Van Allsburg to students. Place
students into teams of two or three. Place numbers one through ten
in a container and have students draw a number. The numbers will correspond to the pictures of landmarks in the book. When students have their numbers, discuss strategies for beginning research. Hand
out worksheet "Multiple Resources in the Library Media Center
." Explain that each team will be responsible for using each of the resources listed on the sheet to complete the necessary information about their chosen landmark. Each student should have a Graphic Organizer for Landmarks of the World to complete.

Visit this site to gather information about each of the landmarks listed
in Ben's Dream Ben's Dream landmark links.

Visit some of the other available research activities.

Scavenger Hunt

Super Sleuth
Grades 4-6

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Leslie M. Klish