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Grades 4-6

Ben's Dream

Scavenger Hunt Example

Super Sleuth

Research Skills For All Ages

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a library research game that can help teach research skills to elementary grade students. You can play the scavenger hunt
game with any topic that interests you and your students. I have supplied a sample game using the Civil War as a topic.

Students will demonstrate efficient use of library media center research tools by verifying given information using different library tools.

Lesson Plan:
Divide students into teams of three or four. Give each team of students
a card with 6 questions printed on it. Give each team a worksheet to list Resources Used in the Library Media Center . Have students verify facts by using different sources. Each team is responsible for identifying the sources they used to verify their answers.

Visit this site for an example of some scavenger hunt cards
made on the Civil War period.

Visit some of the other available research activities.

Ben's Dream
Scavenger Hunt

Super Sleuth
Grades 4-6

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Leslie M. Klish